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Bring the exclusive story of Patricia Krenwinkel to your organization at half the regular cost.
A unique case-study to discuss not only one of the most infamous female inmates, but also go behind bars to discuss the journey one must take to go from such a dark past toward rehabilitation.

   » Award-Winning Film (25 mins runtime)
   » Licensing for classroom, training, and public screenings
   » In-Depth Discussion Guide
   » PowerPoint & Keynote presentations to lead post-film discussion
   » Mini-book of Patricia’s personal poetry and artwork
   » Bonus Videos: Trailer, Interview with Director, Slideshow of exclusive photos with Patricia
   » Closed Captioning | Subtitles: Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and English

The ideal film for organizations specializing in violence against women and criminal justice.

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“After spending 25 years as a correctional professional, this film is a must see for anyone interested in getting a glimpse of what hope prison can provide. Patricia Krenwinkel’s story is very similar in many ways to a majority of women that are incarcerated. Depicted in this film is her road to a new life.”

Dawn Davison
Former Warden,
California Institution for Women

“This film reveals the unexpected – how the most unlikely inmate could be the symbol of rehabilitation, resilience and survival. Patricia Krenwinkel breaks the mold about the mystique of women in prison, to provide an incredible resource that showcases a journey of reflection from behind bars to create a life of meaning, against all odds.”

Dr. Stephanie Covington
Center for Gender & Justice

“A great teaching tool to begin to understand how, and under what circumstances, a woman could commit such an appalling crime. This film is a must for courses in criminology, criminal justice, women and crime, psychology, and sociology.”

Dr. Barbara Bloom
Professor Of Criminology
& Criminal Justice Studies,
Sonoma State University