Four decades after one of the world’s most notorious crimes,
a Manson Family member breaks her silence to reveal
how a series of choices led to ultimate destruction.

Life After Manson is an intimate portrait of one of the world’s most infamous crimes and notorious killers. At 21-years-old, Patricia Krenwinkel murdered at the command of Charles Manson. Now 67-years-old, she continues to be demonized by the public and haunted by the suffering she caused over four decades ago.

Through an exclusive interview with and never-before-seen footage of Patricia Krenwinkel, Life After Manson frames a historically irreconcilable story through a complex emotional lens, offering insight into what led a suburban girl to commit crimes the world will never forget. For the first time, the public will learn what caused a young girl to recklessly run away from home and toward destruction. Her unlikely relationship with the charismatic Charles Manson led her to cross every line of moral consciousness, resulting in the brutal murders she committed to win the approval of the man she loved.

Life After Manson offers a provocative character study that reveals a broken woman struggling with her past, her arduous effort to evaluate the cost of her choices, and the possibility of self-forgiveness. Can society offer her the same? Is it possible to identify with a woman who took life only to lose her own in a desperate effort to find love?


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