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Thank you for your recent purchase of the educational version of Life After Manson.
We are excited to have you utilize the film in your classroom or organization.

Below you will find all the materials you need to help bring the discussion and activities surrounding the film to an entirely new level.

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Get started on planning your screening with our Discussion Guide that contains everything you need to know about the film, behind the scenes, and post-film discussion questions according to topics.

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Download a PowerPoint version of the Discussion Guide to jumpstart your discussion and lecture after watching the film. The presentation includes all categories and question suggestions for you to be able to edit and adjust as you see fit.

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As a class assignment, have your students write to Patricia via the information below. Have them share their thoughts on the film and what it meant to them to hear her story. Have them share their thoughts on the criminal justice system, her incarceration, choices, and hope for the future.

* Please keep in mind to be respectful of Patricia. She has been incarcerated for 45 years, and this is the first time she has opened up about the intimate details of her story. Please do not use this activity as an avenue of continued hatred, but an opportunity for openness.

Click Here to Send Message

To mail your letters, please write to:

Patricia Krenwinkel
CIW, W08314, MB 121U
PO Box 8100
Corona, CA 92878-8100